If you even have the last ounce of doubt about the need to create & sell online courses, hear me out.

There are more than 200 online institutes who are selling online courses through Graphy to 800 k+ learners and have made a revenue of over 100 Crores.

The above-mentioned figure gives you a fair idea of how online courses are taking over the current education sector.

Step by step guide to selling online courses

The flourishing online education sector provides an opportunity for upcoming entrepreneurs to get paid for sharing their knowledge. Edupreneur is a considerably new term in the educational territory. It precisely means an entrepreneur operating in the education sector. Edupreneur is responsible for planning & successfully operating an educational service.

Top 7 reasons to Create & Sell Online Courses

Teaching online doesn’t require any proof of your credibility. With some experience, passion, and consistent effort, you win over your audience. You need to provide value to your potential learners to make money from what you know!

If creating an online course has crossed your mind but left you mulling over it, it’s time to close the deal.

Top benefits to create & sell online courses:

Earn a passive income

An online course has the potential to be sold over and over again with the same content. If you choose to sell one, you can fairly expect to earn from your knowledge. Selling online courses is the most effective way to create a source of passive income in 2022. After the initial effort, you can begin to earn money while on the autopilot. Irrespective of what topic you teach, you would continue to attract students who are potentially interested in your course.

Reach a wider audience

Launching an online course gives you the opportunity to reach out to learners you wouldn’t have reached otherwise. You can expand your business beyond the four walls, breaking geographical barriers. You need to develop your idea, create and launch your project and share it with others.

Being online gives you a huge advantage to promote and sell your courses to the global audience.

Easy management

The online course has made learning all the more accessible. You get the opportunity to build something from ground zero. A comprehensive learning management system (LMS), such as Graphy provides your branded course website, mobile apps, marketing as well as engagement tools. It’s super easy to operate on the platform and control your whole online institute. You can enhance the whole user experience by leveraging the massive features provided in the Graphy course platform.

Work from anywhere

Digitization is a strong pursuit. It provides the content creators with the freedom to choose any place of the world and start working from there. Escalating through the countries or cities barely affects your work life. You just need to have your laptop handy with an active internet connection. That being said, you can build the whole online education empire from any part of the world.

No material, extra costs or paperwork involved

A minimal amount of paperwork involved when you are teaching online. Which means you become clutter-free. There would be no manufacturing, delivery, or shipping costs involved. From launching your course to marketing and shipping, most of the aspects would be carried out online. If you choose LMS like Graphy, you would not need any development or designing or maintenance of your course platform. Everything will be well taken care of.

Flexibility of time

Online content creators have the huge perk of managing their work schedule as per their convenience. The online course-selling business doesn’t limit itself to the mundane 9 to 5 routine. You get to choose when you want to work and when you don’t. You can create a different work schedule for a different time and make it as productive as you can. Not just that, you can take your day off as per your convenience.

Start out free

Launching your online course and ultimately your online course platform is a fairly safer choice. You can go ‘all-in’ by choosing a hosted course platform like Graphy. Especially when you have been contemplating taking the next step, you must get a glimpse of what it would be like. Create your free online course platform on Graphy. Without any card details, create an unlimited course and almost all the available features with limited bandwidth.

Create & Sell Online Courses: Your Level of Expertise and Brand Recognition

Anyone with a larger following in the form of a Youtube channel or an established blog or a popular offline institute will have a significant edge over other course creators who seemingly popped up overnight.

An established brand and reputation speak for the value of the content they are producing. A brand who has established a strong relationship with its audience and built authority in their domain will understandably do better. The coveted brands or institutes have a large fan following who will buy anything these brands sell to them.

If you release your first course with zero existing audience, you don’t own that luxury. Cutting through the noise and making your first sale would be a massive victory for you!

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