In this blog, we’ll cover what can you sell as digital downloads and how Graphy can help you with it.

Since we are living in the era of the internet, downloading music, files, or documents is a part of our daily lives. 

Today, we are surrounded by data and content from all sides. Consciously or subconsciously we are consuming tons of content on a daily basis regardless of the reasons behind consuming it. 

Don’t you click on that download button to get a PDF file or software on your laptop? 

Doubtlessly, we all have done that a hundred times. After the lockdown of 2020, even a 6-year-old kid knows how to download their online test paper. That’s what a digital download is!

In other words, A digital download means you are getting a file, document, or software downloaded into your computer only by clicking on any link. It is an electronic form of acquiring data. 

Many creators, YouTubers, freelancers, and creators sell digital downloads to add another stream to their regular income. 

The best part about selling digital downloads is that once you create it, you don’t have to incur any other expenses for its delivery or shipment. Once your buyer has paid the charges for acquiring it, they can easily download it on their laptop, smartphone, or any other supported device. No matter where they stay, they can download and access it at any time. Isn’t it amazing? 

Well, if you are planning to sell digital courses and digital downloads, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we are going to tell you what you can sell as digital downloads and how Graphy can help you build your online education empire

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What can you sell as digital downloads?


eBooks are a very common and popular type of digital download. From creation to distribution, selling eBooks is a hassle-free process. 

As a creator, you should work on creating multiple eBooks. You can sell them separately or you can also provide them as learning materials to your learners along with your paid courses. 

Apart from this, eBooks are often used for lead generation. Free eBooks are embedded on websites, and blogs and are also promoted through paid ads for capturing new leads. This is one of the easiest ways of turning your website visitors into your prospects. You can nurture them later through your email marketing efforts and convert them into your lifelong fans, newsletter subscribers, and loyal customers. 

Hence, you should work on creating a great eBook that will add value to your learners’ lives. 


Undoubtedly, all of us have tons of PDF files downloaded on our smartphones or laptops. If we have acquired them from a person who somehow adds value to our lives, we are most likely to go through that PDF. 

Hence, if you are a creator who is known for creating high-quality and valuable content, your audience will download your PDFs as well. You can share anything inside your PDFs. It could be a checklist a roadmap or an informational document that will add value to your learners’ lives. 

Many educators on YouTube sell their notes in PDF format and they actually earn decent profits by selling PDF as notes. The reason behind this is that their audience loves their content and believes that their notes will also add value to their lives.


Podcats is one of the most trending forms of digital downloads these days. Unlike PDFs and eBooks, it takes a lot of energy to record a high-quality and value-generating podcast. 

It’s not like anyone can record a podcast because it requires specific equipment, great communication, and public speaking skills. Apart from that, if you are planning to invite other speakers to your podcast, you should have great connections as well with industry leaders and subject matter experts. 

However, you can also begin with a monologue podcast if you have the art of storytelling along with good communication skills. 

People love to listen to podcasts especially while traveling. Honestly, if your podcasts are good enough, they won’t hesitate to pay a decent amount. Hence, we would recommend you record powerful podcasts that are capable of adding value to your listeners’ lives. 


Templates are a great way to monetize your skills. No matter if you are good at website designing, resume making, or email writing, you can create a template for any skill that is in demand. 

Many people find it difficult to write content for their resumes or emails. They search for quality templates all over the internet. 

Hence, if you are good at writing emails or creating resumes, you can help them by selling your cheat sheets and templates. 

Training videos 

Many creators conduct webinars on a single topic once and record it. They later use the recording of that webinar and sell it to their audience. Ideally, these webinars include tutorial videos or business tips like how to get new clients. 

How do creators sell recorded webinars?

Mostly they sell it through their course websites. However, some creators also upload their recorded webinars on Google Drive and talk about their webinars on their social media platforms. If someone wants to purchase it, they share their payment details and after the payment, they share the link to the webinar with them in their emails. 

Since videos are more interactive, people are more likely to purchase them. Moreover, they are a very powerful form of digital download. 

How Graphy can help you build your online education empire? 

To sell your online courses or digital downloads, you need an all-in-one platform that will help you create, market, and sell your online courses. That’s exactly where Graphy can help you!

Graphy is a knowledge-commerce platform that helps creators build their branded, no-code course websites as well as mobile apps. 

With Graphy’s robust platform, you can sell your digital products to a global audience and attain your income goals. That too by sharing the knowledge that’s lying dormant in your head. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing? 

Whether you want to create a course membership website, coaching site or want to sell your digital downloads, Graphy is all that you need!


Now, you have a clear picture of what you can sell as digital downloads. 

Don rush! Pick any one or two out of the above-mentioned types of digital downloads and start working on them. 

Sell them on Graphy along with your online courses. Once you start generating leads or money from the ones (digital downloads) that you have created, you can work on creating your next set of digital downloads. 

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