Influencers are the modern age celebrities of online media. These people have a substantial influence in the buying decision of consumers. Instagram influencers have built authority in their specified domain. People look up to them. That pretty much sums up why Instagram influencers should create an online course.

These influencers have a large social media following. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are monetizing it and making a sizeable income online. As a matter of fact, there are umpteen number of Instagram influencers with thousands of followers who could harness their influence to make a full-time income. On the contrary, they’re sporadically collaborating with brands over sponsored posts and getting paid mostly in product.

Free things are exciting and fun to get. But, what’s even better is leveraging the influence you have built and use it to your advantage to create a full-time income stream.

The most popular Instagram influencers operate in the fashion, travel, motivational, or coaching domain. One killer way to start monetizing their presence on Instagram is by creating and selling online courses.

Why Instagram influencers should create an online course

Instagram influencers are the creatures who have been uniquely primed to be online course creators for the few reasons:

  1. They have already built an authority on their domain as well as earned an audience
  2. They are amazing content creators who know how to gauge the attention of the target market.
  3. Instagram is a marketing tool in itself.

Types of online courses Instagram influencers can create

It can be overwhelming and confusing for Instagrammers to launch a course which could cater to their existing audience.

They might wonder, “I love posting on Instagram, but teaching people how to do something is not my cup of tea. What could I even teach?”

Honestly, there are several options out here:

Go the meta route

Teach other budding influencers how to be successful on Instagram. Or better, steal one of these ideas: 

  1. How to get 10k followers in 12 weeks
  2. How to create your Instagram aesthetic
  3. Instagram Marketing

Dig deeper into your niche.

If you are a fashion Instagrammer, create a course on a styling or capsule wardrobe or creating an online fashion store.

On the other hand, if you are a food Instagrammer, teach them about recipes or food photography. If you are a lifestyle Influencer, the world is your oyster.

Analyze what you are good at.

  1. Learn to blog your fashion experiments
  2. How to plan your best friends wedding
  3. How to train for your first marathon

One of the significantly important thing about being an Instagram influencer is that your audience is invested in you. They look at you as a personal brand and look forward to the content you upload. They have vested their faith in you for the domain that you are operating in.

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Why your following will buy from you

Being an influencer, you might object yourself while comparing yourself with the competition. Don’t doubt yourself. If you have created a relationship with your audience with your regular posts and amazing content, they will trust you with the paid content too. They will buy from you because its you, they are buying from.

Whether your followers want to emulate their Instagram growth or simply learn the skills you have mastered, they would trust you and your brand with your content.

For example, I am an ardent follower of GaryVee. This means I admire his brand and his skills so much that I will buy in a heartbeat whatever course he launches.

I am sure now you must be wondering how to create an online courseyou’ve come to the right blog. Here is a compiled links of the blogs I have written that you will ever need to walk through the whole course creation process.

And once you have created the course, here is all you need to know about the marketing part.

  • Don’t wait for any divine energy to allure you into creating an online course. If you have an audience, start NOW!