The eLearning industry has seen significant growth in the past two years. Especially after the Covid-19 attack.  

Due to the pandemic, we have witnessed the exemplary growth of the EdTech sector in 2021 & it is expected to strengthen in 2022. 

As per recent studies, the Ed-Tech sector is all set to grow by 11.6 billion by 2026. In this blog, we are going to compare the two leading online course hosting platforms, Graphy & Learnworlds.

We will compare the two platforms on the fronts mentioned below:

  • Branded Website & Mobile Application 
  • Course Builder 
  • Quizzes & Live Tests 
  • Content Security
  • Pricing 
  • Indian Payment Gateways 
  • Course Completion Certificates

Branded Website & Mobile Application 

In order to build your online education empire, you would need a platform that helps you in establishing your brand & represents you as a subject matter expert. 

To cut the long story short, if you want to establish yourself as a brand & have more control over your online teaching business, you would need a completely branded course hosting platform. This is exactly what we are going to cover in this section. 

branding signifies that the LMS provider won’t market itself through your online institute. Only your brand name would be visible to your learners.

Both Graphy & Learnworlds gloriously talks about the branding feature that they offer to their clients & honestly, both the platforms actually deliver what they say. 

Graphy & Learnworlds, both provide a completely branded course website as well as a mobile application to their clients. But, when we closely compared the two platforms, we figured out a few differences between them. 

Let’s investigate further!

Both the platforms provide branded websites & mobile applications to their clients but, the difference here is that Learnworlds provides this feature only on its higher plans. 

This means, if you choose any of its basic plans, you won’t get the branded course platform. 

Moreover, it also doesn’t provide the mobile application feature in its basic plans. Even in the highest plan, you will have to pay an extra fee to get your institute’s android as well as the iOS app. 

Hence, you are bound to choose its highest plan if you want to your branded course platform & mobile app. 

Whereas, Graphy, The Best Learnworlds Alternative, provides a completely branded platform even in its basic plan along with the common android as well as an iOS mobile app. 

But, all in all, when it comes to a branded platform, Graphy, The Best Alternative To Learnworlds, would be on the winning side. 

Course Builder 

To build an outstanding course that helps your learners to achieve their end goals, a robust & easy-to-use course builder is what you need. 

The main focus of both the platforms, Graphy & Learnworlds is to let you create & deliver a highly engaging & interactive course. Both provide you with a course builder which would be instrumental in building a course that your learners would appreciate. 

Graphy, The Best Learnworlds Alternative, allows you to add multiple types of content to your online course. You could easily add unlimited videos, audio files, SCORM, quizzes, forms, surveys & many more other things to your online course. You can also bulk upload your course content or import content directly from cloud drives like Dropbox or Google Drive

In fact, Learnworlds also allows you to do that. But, it doesn’t give a lot of flexibility in terms of uploading different types of content to the same lesson. For example, you can not add a video and a quiz to the same lesson. In case, if you want to do that you will have to create a separate lesson. 

Moreover, you can not bulk upload your course content or import any item to your course via Dropbox or Google Drive. 

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Quizzes & Live Test

Being an educator, you would feel the need to assess your learners from time to time. Both Graphy & Learnworlds, provide multiple types of functionalities when it comes to adding quizzes to your course content. 

If you choose Graphy, you could easily add different types of quizzes to your course like:

  • One-Liners
  • Match the column 
  • Multiple correct options 
  • Single correct option
  • Numericals 
  • Fill in the blanks 
The Best Learnworlds Alternative

You can also set the time limit in which a learner has to complete the test. Learners can attempt these quizzes anytime & can view their marks after completing the quizzes. The best part is either you can manually create quizzes or you can also import an external file to your course platform.

Graphy, The Best Learnworlds Alternative, also allows you to conduct live tests within your course platform. Your learners would be able to attempt it during the specified time & they can view their marks after the result declaration.

Now, let’s see the functionalities that Learnworlds provides when it comes to quizzes & live tests. 

So, if you choose Learnworlds, you could easily add different types of quizzes to your course like fill in the blanks, numerical, one-liners, & single correct options. You can not add MCQs that have more than one single correct answer. 

Apart from this, you can not import quizzes from an external file. This means you always have to manually add quizzes to your course. 

Another major difference between the two platforms is that Learnworlds doesn’t allow you to conduct live tests. Hence, if you are someone who wants to conduct live tests to assess their learner’s capabilities, you would miss this feature in Learnwolds. 

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Secured Content 

The most crucial feature that every creator considers while choosing the online course hosting platform is Content Security. 

Sleepless nights, missing parties, working on weekends & whatnot!

You would be putting in tons of effort in creating your online course & honestly, all of these sacrifices would be wasted if someone misuses your content. Especially, the video content because it takes a lot of time & energy to create. 

Hence, considering this feature would be the most ideal decision when choosing a course hosting platform.  

Although, both Graphy & Learnwolrds promise to provide 100% content security to their creators. But, we have figured out some differences between the two platforms when it comes to content security.

If you choose Graphy, The Best Learnworlds Alternative, you will have full control over who could access your content. You could put a limit on the device login limit & the maximum number of screenshots a user can take. 

The Best Learnworlds Alternative

You could also add dynamic watermarking to your videos. If you enable this feature, the email address & the mobile number of your learners would appear on the screen. Consequently, they will have a sense of fear while doing anything that they shouldn’t be doing. 

Likewise, Graphy’s mobile apps are 100% secured. Your learner can not even use any third-party tool to screen record your videos. 

Whereas, Learnwolrlds is not completely secured. A learner can easily use any third-party screen recording application to record your videos. In fact, they also don’t have the feature to put a limit to the number of screenshots that a user can take. Hence, a user can easily misuse the content hosted on Learnworlds. 

However, you can add the dynamic watermarking feature to your videos. But, when it comes to security mere dynamic watermarking is not enough. 

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a platform that provides 100% content security, you should consider Graphy. But, if this is something you do not prioritize, you can consider Learnworlds as well. 

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Customer Support 

Customer support is one of the most important aspects that you should consider while choosing a course hosting platform. 

Since you would be new to the platform, you might face certain kinds of difficulties while learning how to use the platform. Hence, you should choose a platform that provides robust customer support. 

Although both platforms provide decent customer service to their customers. 

But, what if I tell you that Graphy walks that extra mile when it comes to customer support. 

Hold on! 

Let me elaborate. 

Graphy assigns you a dedicated account manager no matter which plan you choose. For example, even if you have chosen their basic plan, you will get a dedicated account manager who would be there to help you out. 

Besides this, you can also reach out to them via email or live chat support. They also have a comprehensive knowledge base from which you can get half of your queries solved even without reaching out to them.

Whereas, Learnworlds doesn’t provide dedicated account managers. This feature is available only in their highest plan. However, you can connect with them via email or live chat support. 

But, I believe that sometimes, you need a person who could help you out. No matter what, live chat support would always fall short in comparison to dedicated account managers. 

Moreover, like Graphy, Learnworlds also have a comprehensive knowledge base that you can rely upon. 

Bottom Line: Graphy is clearly on the winning side when it comes to customer support. You can choose Learnworlds if you don’t need frequent support from the LMS provider. 

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No matter how many features a platform offers, you will always make the final decision on the basis of your budget. And this obviously is the right criteria because you would be the one who would be paying your hard-earned money. 

Hence, the most ideal decision would be to choose a platform that gives you more features at an affordable price. 

Now, let’s examine the pricing of both platforms. 

When it comes to pricing plans, Graphy, The Best Learnworlds Alternative, offers four different plans to their customers ie, Basic, Pro, Business, & Advanced. 

Its basic plan starts from Rs. 3499 per month & the highest plan goes up to Rs.19999 in which you will get a completely branded platform including your institute’s branded android and ios mobile application.

Although you will get all the advanced features even in Graphy’s basic plan, the branding feature would not be there. The best part about Graphy is that you will get a dedicated account manager on all these plans. 

Whereas, Learnworld offers only three different pricing plans ie, Starter, Trainer, & Learning Center. 

Its starter plan starts from $29 per month plus a $5 fee on per course sales & the learning center plan starts from $299 per month. 

Under their Starter plan, you will get all the basic features that you need to get started. But, sooner or later you will have to upgrade to their higher plans because the basic plan has a lot of limitations like:

  • No dedicated account manager
  • Only 24/5 email support
  • Can not conduct live classes 
  • Can not upload SCORM/ HTML5

Even in their ‘trainer’ plan, they don’t provide branding & mobile application features. Hence, if you want a branded platform, you will have to choose their ‘Training Center’ ie, the highest plan. 

Moreover, if you want to launch your institute’s mobile application, you will have to pay extra over and above the $299. 

You will also have to bear extra expenses if you choose Learnworlds!

You must be curious & want to know more about it, right?

Let’s dig deeper!

Indian Payment Gateways 

If you are an Indian course creator, you must conscious of the fact that how much we Indians are dependent on UPI payments. 

Graphy, The Best Learnworlds Alternative, allows you to integrate all the major Indian as well as international payment gateways like Paytm, Razorpay, UPI, Instamojo, CCAvenue, PayPal & Stripe. 

The Best Learnworlds Alternative

Whereas, Learnworlds doesn’t support Indian Payment Gateways. You can only collect payment via Stripe, Paypal, Shopify, & Pagsguro. 

If you have ever collected payments from Paypal, you must know that Paypal charges 5% fees on every transaction. Hence, you can calculate the amount of money that you would be paying as fees to PayPal on every course sale if you choose Learnworlds. 

Bottom Line: Frankly, if you want to get advanced features like mobile apps at affordable prices & don’t want to bear unnecessary expenses, choose a platform like Graphy that supports Indian Payment Gateways & provides best-in-class features to their clients

Course Completion Certificates 

Rewarding your learners is the best way to boost their enthusiasm & motivation. The best part is if you provide a course completion certificate, your course completion rates will improve. As in the hope of getting a certificate, your learners will study hard & eventually will end up completing your course. 

Graphy, The Best Learnworlds Alternative, allows its creators to provide beautiful, LinkedIn-integrated certificates to their learners. They provide many beautifully designed templates which are fully customizable. Hence, you won’t need to create certificates via any third-party designing tools like Canva.

Whereas, Learnworlds also allows its creators to provide certificates to their learners but, only on their higher plans. Since they do not have pre-designed templates, you will have to use a third-party designing tool. 

Apart from that, they are not Linkedin-integrated. Hence, your learner can not share it directly on his/her LinkedIn account. 

Final Verdict:

Both the platform provide excellent features & services to their clients. But, if you are looking for an all-in-one course platform, we would recommend you to choose Graphy. 

As it provides a lot more features than Learnworlds at a much more affordable price. 

Whether it’s about a fully-functional LMS, robust customer support, mobile applications, content security, or integrated payment gateways, Graphy is the BEST!