In this blog, we will establish why Graphy is the best Teachable alternative for creators in 2022.

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To grow your knowledge commerce business, you will need a robust online course hosting platform. There are several online course hosting platforms that allow you to create, market, and sell your digital product. 

In this blog, we’ll be comparing two leading online course hosting platforms – Graphy and Teachable on the fronts mentioned below:

  • Mobile Apps 
  • Content Security 
  • Live Class 
  • Customer Support 
  • Payment Gateway Integration 
  • Pricing

Why Graphy is the best Teachable alternative

Mobile apps 

In today’s world, everyone carries a smartphone. So, launching your institute’s app can help you to improve course completion and engagement rates. 

Along with this, providing learning resources to your learners at their fingertips can help outstand your rivals as well. Therefore, we would highly recommend you choose a course platform that helps you in building your institute’s mobile app along with the website

Graphy helps you in launching your online institute’s mobile apps irrespective of the plan that you would choose. The best part about mobile apps is that you could notify your learners regarding the upcoming live classes or offers via mobile push notifications. 

Whereas, Teachable, on the other hand, doesn’t have this feature. They can help you only in launching your institute’s website which will indicate that Teachable is powering your website.

Bottom Line: If you are someone who wants to launch their institute’s mobile app and establish their brand, Graphy would be the right choice for you!

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Content security 

Since you will be investing a lot of your time in creating and launching your online course, you can not afford someone to misuse or pirate your course content.

Therefore, while finalizing the course hosting platform, content security features should always be prioritized. 

When it comes to security, Teachable allows its creators to enable or disable the download button. This means that once you have disabled the download button, your learner won’t be able to download that file or video. 

Whereas, Graphy, the best Teachable alternative, helps you to protect your online course content by adding security features like :

  • Dynamic Watermarking 
  • Download Restriction 
  • Device Login Limit 
  • Screenshot Limit 
  • Video Encryption
  • Two-factor authentication 

Hence, if you choose Graphy, you can be assured and sleep peacefully that your course content is 100% secured. 

Bottom Line: After going through the security features, we can conclude that Graphy, doubtlessly, is on the winning side. 

Live class 

Being an online educator, you need to build engagement and bring your learners on the same page. 

Graphy allows you to conduct live classes with the premium Zoom experience. Your live class will also have engagement features like polls and private chats. You could also record your live classes and use them later as recorded lectures. 

Here, premium zoom experience means that you will not have to worry about license and other documentation because Graphy will manage it all on your behalf. That too at no extra costs. 

However, you could also do it yourself by integrating Zoom within your course platform. 

Whereas, Teachable, on the other hand, does not give you the premium Zoom experience nor do they allow you to integrate any third-party video hosting platform. 

But, here is what you can do to direct your learners to your live classes – 

  • Get an embed code for your live stream directly from the live streaming platform that you will use and add it as a custom code inside your course curriculum. 
  • Inform your learners about the custom code that you have added so that they can join your live class 

Bottom Line: To get a seamless and hassle-free live class experience, we would suggest you choose Graphy. But, in case, if you don’t want to conduct frequent live classes, you can choose Teachable as well. 

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Customer support 

To give your learners a better learning experience, you would be completely dependent on the course platform that you would choose. Especially if you are a newbie. Hence, customer support is one of the most important features that should be considered before making the final decision.

Graphy, the best Teachable alternative, strives to provide the best-in-class experience to their clients by providing them robust customer support. 

We have a team of passionate, skillful, and knowledgeable professionals who would always be there to help you out. You will get the priority onboarding support plus a dedicated account manager from Day 1 irrespective of the plan that you will choose.

You can reach out to our support team via: 

  • Call with your dedicated account manager 
  • Email Support 
  • Live Chat Support 
  • Knowledge Base 

Whereas, Teachable, on the other hand, also provides good customer support to their clients. But, they don’t provide call support to their clients. 

 Here is how you can reach out to them:

  • Email Support (All Plans) 
  • Live Chat Support (Only on Pro Plan and above)
  • Knowledge Base

Bottom Line: When it comes to robust customer support, Graphy outperforms. 

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No matter what we purchase, pricing plays the most important role and is always considered before making the final decision. 

Well, considering the price is doubtlessly the most ideal decision. Because you would be the one who would spend a lot of money on the course platform and if it doesn’t serve your purpose or if choosing it means breaking your bank then, what’s the point of choosing it in the first place. 

Therefore, always compare the various alternatives and make a wise decision. 

When it comes to pricing plans, Graphy, the best Teachable alternative, provides a lot of flexibility to its clients. We have four different pricing plans – Basic, Pro, Business, and Advanced. 

The best is you will get almost all the advanced features like third-party integrations, course completion certificates, integrated payment gateways, and many more. On Graphy’s higher plans, you will get a few more features like the branding of your website and mobile app plus single sign-on and many more.

No matter if you are a newbie or an established institution, you can navigate through Graphy’s plans and pick the one that works best for you!

Whereas, Teachable, on the other hand, has three different pricing plans – Basic, Pro, and Business. If you choose Teachbale’s basic plan, they will charge 5% fees on every transaction that will take place within your course platform. 

Moreover, they also don’t provide advanced features like branded course websites and mobile apps. 

Bottom Line: After the in-depth comparison, we have figured out that if we consider the pricing, we can say that Teachable provides very less features as compared to Graphy

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Payment gateway integration 

If you are selling to a global audience, you can not rely on two or three payment gateways. Therefore, you should choose a platform that allows you to integrate multiple payment gateways. 

Graphy, the best Teachable alternative, allows you to integrate all the major national as well as international payment gateways. Hence, no matter where your learners are from, you can seamlessly receive payments from them. 

Within your Graphy course platform, you would be able to integrate:

  • Paytm 
  • Razorpay 
  • Instamojo 
  • CCAvenue 
  • Stripe 
  • Paypal and many more

Whereas, Teachable allows you to integrate only Paypal and Stripe. This will further lead to increased costs because both Paypal and Stripe will charge a fixed amount from you on every transaction as transaction fees. 

But, Teachable also allows you to receive payments via Google Pay and Apple Pay. 

Bottom Line: If you are selling your course to a global audience, you should choose a platform like Graphy that allows you to integrate multiple payment gateways

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Final verdict

Both, Graphy and Teachable are robust course hosting platforms. But, after this detailed comparison, we can say that if you are looking for an all-in-one course hosting platform then Graphy, the best Teachable alternative, is the right platform for you!

Because with Graphy’s advanced features like fully-functional LMS, best-in-class customer support, and integrated payment gateways, you can grow your knowledge commerce business exponentially.