Gone are the days when people used to come out of their houses and travel for long hours to learn a new skill. Today, if someone wants to become an expert in any field, they simply search for online courses built around their topic of interest. 

So, if you are someone who wants to build their knowledge commerce business, this is the right time to work hard and convert your dreams into reality. 

Creating your online course website can help you establish your authority in your field and foster a community of like-minded people all around the world – just by being at your home.

No matter what you want to teach, you will always have an audience who would want to learn from you. People enroll themselves in courses like Parenting, Anger Management, Time Management, etc. Hence, don’t hold yourself back thinking that no one would purchase your course because your plus point may be a weaker point for someone.

In this blog, we will introduce you to an online course platform which is used by creators all over the globe and has helped them in creating an impact through their knowledge commerce business. 

Finest Platform To Create An Online Course Website 

Ladies and gentlemen, please hold on to your seats tightly because we are revealing the platform that can help you to establish your brand and grow your business 10x


Graphy is the leading online course platform that helps knowledge entrepreneurs to create, market, and sell their digital products from their branded online course website and mobile application. 

The platform gives you the ease to build a highly professional and captivating online course website without even hiring a professional website designer. As Graphy is a DIY platform so the more your play around the platform, the better you will become at managing things related to your knowledge commerce business like your website and digital products. 

How To Sell Courses From Your Own Website

Why do creators love Graphy?

Before discussing why creators love Graphy, ask yourself a question-

When it comes to purchasing groceries do you love super-markets from where you can purchase anything that you want or do you love to roam around from one shop to another to purchase every other thing on your list?

Undoubtedly, you would prefer to purchase all the stuff from a supermarket because of the ease that it provides to you. The same goes for why creators choose Graphy to launch their online course website. 

Creators love Graphy because of the value that it provides to them. From creating highly interactive courses to marketing tools and sales tools to branded online course websites and mobile apps – Graphy gives you all that you need.  

Now, let’s discuss some of the features of Graphy that make it the most loved and best online course platform.

Branded Course Website And Mobile Application

Graphy helps creators to launch their branded online course websites and mobile applications. This means that you can run your online institute under your own brand name. Unlike, platforms like Udemy, where the creators don’t have any control over things like branding and pricing. 

Moreover, launching your institute’s mobile application gives your learners the ease to learn from their smartphones. These days even a school-going kid carries a smartphone. And we can not deny the fact that we carry our smartphones all the time. Therefore, your learners can not befool you by saying that couldn’t attend the class because they didn’t have their laptops with them. 

Integrated Payment Gateways 

When you are selling your online courses to a global audience, you can not be just limited to two or three payment gateways. Graphy supports almost all the major national as well as international payment gateways. Within your Graphy course platform, you could seamlessly integrate payment gateways like:

  • Paytm 
  • CCAvenue 
  • Razorpay 
  • Instamojo 
  • Stripe 
  • Paypal and many others

In fact, you can use the country-specific pricing feature. Country-specific pricing means that you can price your courses differently for different countries. 

Robust Customer Support 

Customer Support is one of the most loved and appreciated features of Graphy. As whenever our clients are stuck or face any kind of difficulties, we are always there to help them out. 

We don’t hide behind hundreds of emails and chats. The day our clients get onboarded on the platform, they are assigned dedicated account managers to assist them. Hence, in case of any difficulties all you need to do is to reach out to your dedicated account manager. They will get your query or issue resolved on a priority basis. 

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Pricing Policies  

When it comes to pricing your online courses, Graphy gives you a lot of flexibility. You can either charge one time from your learners or you can let the money coming in via setting up the recurring pricing method. 

Moreover, you can also collect payments in your learners’ specific currency. This means that if your learner is from Canada, you can collect the payment in Canadian dollars. You can also attract learners to your online courses by offering them free trial periods. 

How To Create Profitable Online Course

Multi-Lingual Support 

Graphy understands your language! You can launch your courses, website, and mobile application in multiple languages. Every term and label on your course website and mobile application can be customized into your native language. 

Hence, you can launch your website and mobile application in multiple languages and can easily connect with your audience at a deeper level. 

Completely Secured Platform

Your content is your legacy! 

We understand that it takes a lot of hard work and effort to create an online course and that is the reason why we put in extra effort to protect your course content. 

Graphy protects your content by providing multiple security features like: 

  • Device Login Limit 
  • Dynamic Watermarking 
  • Screenshot Limit 
  • Non-Downloadable Content

To Wrap It Up:

Passion, vision, skillset, and entrepreneurial mindset are the most important ingredients when you want to launch your online course website and establish your brand. 

If you possess these qualities, nothing can stop you from creating an impact through your knowledge commerce business

So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up on Graphy today and launch your online course website and mobile application