In this blog, we’ll take your through the all steps which required for you to start teaching online smoothly.

In 2020, when schools and universities had to close as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, online learning gained popularity. After that, there was a noticeable transition in schooling from offline to online due to the growth of internet-based apps. Speaking specifically about India, where people perceive online education as a necessity rather than a preference, online teaching in India emerged as a difficult challenge at first.

But it was quickly embraced by educators in both public and private institutions. One of the most sought-after careers right now in India among individuals of all ages is online teaching.

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Therefore, in this article you’ll figure out:

  • What exactly are online teaching jobs?
  • Steps to start teaching online
  • Pros of teaching online.
  • How can Graphy help you with online teaching?

Once you have an idea about teaching online, then your journey to starting an online teaching empire will go smoothly.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the content.

What exactly are online teaching jobs?

With the exception of the notion that all learning and teaching occurs virtually, online instruction is identical to offline instruction. Online teaching platforms give teachers from all over the world the opportunity to interact virtually with students. This occurs when video conferencing tools like Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, etc. are used. In addition to this, there are some other platforms that have been specifically created for online tutoring.

One such e-learning platform that offers opportunities for online coaching worldwide is Graphy. In actuality, online education has expanded beyond traditional college and high school curricula. Almost anything can be learned online, and you can even teach.

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Thus, teaching online is a far better career choice than working as a teacher in a traditional classroom. This is due to two factors. First of all, you are not subject to any institution’s policies and procedures. When you wish to teach your learners, you are in charge because you are your own boss. Additionally, you might work more than one teaching position at once to increase your income. In the instance of a normal educator, however, this is not feasible.

In the offline form of teaching, you cannot transition between schools and colleges in a single day. But it’s obvious that you can hop between programs and applications to pass the additional time more effectively while learning new things.

Steps to start teaching online

When you are planning to start teaching online, you need to have a complete checklist. Online teaching is no longer a side hustle and people are taking it up as a full-time role. 

So here are the five best ways to start teaching online.

Select a topic

Choose a topic that interests you as your first approach. Naturally, you can teach a variety of subjects, but to maximize your earnings, you must specialize in one. So pick a subject you are able to effectively teach. It can be a subject in which you did particularly well in school or something you find interesting to learn about. After all, it’s crucial to identify your advantages first.

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Understand your target audience

The next step is to determine the age range of learners you feel most confident teaching after choosing the subject. A significant component of the teaching process is competent people management. Because of this, it’s crucial to understand the types of learners you can manage in order to help them study more effectively. Additionally, the main query specifically in Indian online education is: Who actually requires my teaching services? After that, conduct market research and get in touch with your target audience.

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Designing the course pattern

You must create a course after selecting your subject and conducting audience research. Courses you can provide as an online instructor include:

  • Written lessons
  • Video Lessons
  • Presenting PowerPoint slides
  • Sample paper answers that have been solved

In addition to these, there are some programs that let you register for and sell your course.

Helpful hint: Please remember your target audience while creating the learning course and fully utilize your subject knowledge and expertise.

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Selling the course

In the e-learning sector, courses can be sold in one of two ways:

Academy model: To gain a seat in the course, learners sign up for monthly or annual subscriptions. Both your course and perhaps other courses on the platform will be available to them.

The most common method for giving distant learners access to certain courses is the “night school” model. They only purchase one course, and perhaps the only course’s relevant study materials are sent to them.

By offering their courses online to learners from around the world, online teachers can thus earn a respectable income.

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Select the selling platform

As was previously said, there are numerous e-learning platforms on the internet on which you can sell these courses. Find the ideal platform to offer your course after doing extensive research on your needs.

Since options are numerous, you may get confused as to which one is best suited for you. To resolve that confusion, we bring to you 40000+ creators’ choice all-in-one platform Graphy

Graphy is the platform where you can create, sell, and market your course as per your choice. Despite the plan, you can design and customize the branded website and mobile application. Moreover, with multiple integrations, you don’t have to worry about promotions, payments, memberships, and many more.

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What are the benefits of teaching online?

Finding a reliable personal tutor is frequently difficult for students who live in far-off or isolated places. Such learners enlist the assistance of online instructors to continue their education without boundaries. Anyone ready to educate online will consequently find it to be a very lucrative career. Here are 4 unmistakable advantages of working from home as an online teacher.

Working remotely

The profession of online instruction has no set rules. Because you’re the teacher, your students will abide by any regulations you impose. Despite that, you are free to set your preferred flexible hours and work at times that are convenient for you. In actuality, you can instruct while on the road.

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More significant outcome

Learners concentrate mostly on eLearning when compared to conventional classroom learning. The availability of appealing and personalized web tools also increases their interest in concepts. They converse more effectively with their peers and the teacher as an outcome. This promotes the growth of their self-esteem and confidence. All of these elements eventually result in improved outcomes for the instructor. 

Additionally, because online learning engages students more, they are more productive and laser-focused. Your chances of recruiting new learners are high proportionally as your students receive higher grades. This will increase your overall income.

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In terms of students pursuing online education, the cost of an online course is significantly lower than that of a traditional course. Students from all over the world can readily access online courses. There are no restrictions on who can enroll in a specific course. This increases the size and accessibility of your online classroom. 

Online courses are also frequently chosen by those who might not otherwise attempt to master the new expertise they have always wished to acquire.

Teach as per your choice

Teaching online involves more than just imparting knowledge and imparting knowledge-based courses. Literally, anything can be taught! Examples include:

  • Lessons for teaching languages
  • Online instruction
  • Online support for student questions
  • Responding to questions on educational platforms
  • Teach a new skill, such as how to do makeup, hair, or cooking.
  • Mentorship and life counseling
  • Teaching physical wellness techniques like yoga and aerobics.

As a result, online education is a very broad industry with limitless opportunities for financial gain. To reach the pinnacles of success, you simply need to discover the proper chance and put up your best effort.

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How can Graphy help you with online teaching?

As stated earlier, Graphy is a one-stop solution for any online creator. 40000+ creators trusted Graphy and have established their online teaching business. Graphy offers you your own identity by providing a branded website and mobile app. 

If you have a talent, then just sign up on Graphy and customize your in-built landing pages as per your choice. With multiple payment options, you can receive payments from anywhere in the world. Are you worried about your content security? Then hold your thoughts as Graphy offers multi-layer content security and restricts piracy. 

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There are a lot of other countless features that Graphy offers. So what are you waiting for? Just come onboard and establish your teaching empire now.