Youtube has become immensely popular these days. Unsurprisingly, it’s the second-largest search engines in the world just after Google. People are taking up YouTube as a career option. If you are someone who owns a Youtube channel, has a following or maybe planning to own one, you must know surefire ways to sell videos using YouTube.  One of them is converting it into an online course.

Here are a few common ways to sell videos using YouTube

  1. Advertising revenue – You earn revenue using AdSense by allowing ads to run on your videos.
  2. Offer a channel membership – You can offer exclusive content to paid members.
  3. Sell off-platform products – You can sell products or services or digital products like online courses.
  4. Brand deals and sponsorships – When you collaborate with brands to do their branding through your content and get paid in return.
  5. Affiliate marketing – earn recurring commission when someone purchases the products you have recommended.

While all the above-mentioned ways serve as great ways to monetize your channel, it comes with a unique set of challenges.

For starters, to avail monetization feature, YouTube’s Partner Program needs to accept you. Once you succeed in getting it, you will have a few different options to experiment with. But each one comes with its own set of eligibility requirements, over and above minimum watch hours and subscriber accounts. 

It takes massive views on your videos to make decent money from youtube through advertising. If you are planning to make a career out of it, the road is long and bumpy.

Therefore, selling online courses ease the process for you and starts to bring in revenue early on by knowing how to sell videos using YouTube.

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Benefits of Selling Online Courses

Through online courses, you would be able to hold the keys to the creation and distribution process of your produced content. When you will couple it with an engaged YouTube community and killer marketing strategies, courses would become a powerful source of income. 

Here are a few ways to selling online courses positively impact your YouTube goals:

Financial stability

Online courses enable you to achieve location independence while working as in addition to creating a passive income source. On the other hand, it can help you scale your business operations too. You can be anywhere at any time of the year while building your online education empire.

Growing your client base through student enrollments

Another significant advantage is that courses can help you rapidly expand your network while developing relationships. You can engage with your community students by reaching out to people you wouldn’t have reached otherwise.

Connecting to the course creator community

Online courses have become immensely popular among bloggers, Instagram influencers, and YouTubers. Being a course creator yourself gives you the opportunity to join a thriving community of course creators. You can plug into this community through events as well as masterclasses.

To get a comprehensive insight, you can head to Top 7 reasons to Sell Online Courses.

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Getting Started With Online Courses

When we talk about launching an online course, it sounds like a tedious process. With all the nuances involved from creating a course to selling and marketing a course, it sounds overwhelming. But trust me, it’s not. When you already have a commitment towards your YouTube channel, selling online courses would just be an icing on the cake.

I have all the resources you ever need to understand the whole course creation journey:

  1. Figure out the profitable course topic idea
  2. Follow these steps while creating your online course
  3. Launch your online course within 10 minutes
  4. Promote your online course

And, you are done. Trust me, it’s easier than what you think.

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How to know if you are ready to launch your online course?

The above-mentioned resources are enough to walk you through the whole course creation journey. However, if you want to have that extra push and a healthy dose of confidence, you can have it too.

The course that you are going to offer must provide value to your audience. Whatever course idea you choose, make sure that it is giving your learners what they are expecting. Don’t just launch any course for the sake of it.

To increase the stakes of success with your courses, you do run with your idea beforehand. To be certain, you can refine a unique methodology that somehow validates your course idea.  

Hence, if are positive about launching online course, encourage yourself and your audience to answer a few questions.

  1. Do you have valuable insights as well as tools to provide your audience what they will be paying for?
  2. Will you be able to provide real value to them?

1) Put up a poll

If you are thinking more ways to monetize your YouTube channel, I am sure you have a decent amount of audience. Hence, it makes it easier for you to validate your idea. What do your audience ask you about all the time?

You can create a poll or a Q and A on YouTube and Instagram to ask your audience what they want to learn about. Get insights, gather feedback and take a leap of faith.

2) Create a promo video

Once you have a tentative course idea, start promoting it on your feed. The response you would receive will give you a clear signal. If they like or get excited about it, they will get engaged with your content.

Talk about your course idea in your videos and see what kind of responses you have garnered.

You can create a promo video where you can talk about your idea as well as ask them to drop their e-mail address. That way, you will have a list of prospects, to begin with. Building an email list is the cornerstone of a successful launch.

Summing it up:

In order to sell videos using YouTube, do the following:

  1. Write down top three-five three questions you get asked a lot.
  2. Choose one and make a teaser/video/promo about one of these. 
  3. Evaluate the response you garner and you will have your answer.

Creating Your Online Course

Once you have decided on the topic, gather all the useful resources you have. Work on the basic outline and start creating your courses on Graphy.

A few key elements you should keep in mind while creating your first online course

  1. Split your vast module into smaller chapters and sub-chapters.
  2. Create multimedia course content including timely quizzes, conducting live classes as well as giving assignments. All of it is possible with Graphy.
  3. Launch your online study app with Graphy.
  4. Use videos and audios extensively.

Step by step guide on creating your first online course

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