In this blog, you will learn how to teach physics online in the 7 most effective ways.

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Physics is a challenging subject to teach online. How can you make your online course more enjoyable for your students to learn physics? Find out how in this post.

Due to COVID-19, learning has migrated online this year, and many schools have had their academics disrupted. There was never a better moment to begin your online physics tutoring career.

During the last few years, the online tuition market has experienced remarkable expansion. This has occurred at the same time as the creation of superb online learning platforms and tools. Allowing for simple and efficient online tutoring. 

Therefore as result, knowing where to begin when launching an online tutoring business might be tough. As a result, we’ve set together a how-to guide chock-full of pointers to get you started.

So without any delay let’s get started.

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7 most effective ways to teach physics online

Step 1: Grab your attention on the course’s teaching aims and priorities.

Consider deeply about techniques for how your course content will fulfill your big picture agenda. Such as helping learners acquire knowledge like physicists and acquire 

  • Problem-solving, 
  • Reasoning, and 
  • Meta-cognitive skills. 

So they may become independent thinkers and great problem solvers. To fulfill your learning goals in an online course, feel inclined to limit the overall material coverage. By emphasizing the core themes and successful techniques to engage students and evaluate their learning.

How to teach physics online in 2022

Step 2: Choose whether your teachings should be delivered synchronously or asynchronously for lesson topics.

Learners can access your courses live via Zoom, BlueJeans, Skype, and perhaps other channels if you use an asynchronous style. Engaging with learners during broadcasting in the same way that you would in a physical classroom. These services allow users to create the streamed course and make it more accessible to learners who were unable to attend the live course.

Whereas the synchronous feature enables learners to participate and engage with each other and you. It is critical to not require participation throughout live broadcasts. Later on, post recorded videos of live class so that learners who do not have the means to connect to life can view the class and course content.

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Step 3: Interactive simulations

Physics is usually taught online either by analogy or through simulations. There are many advantages when conducting interactive simulations during online physics courses. 

Besides a whiteboard, your simulation can include code behind it that simulates actual work through the calculations the learners acquire. As learners ask questions, we can rapidly reboot and modify the simulation as needed. This procedure is far more efficient than conventional methods.

Step 4: Examples of Videos

With the widespread access to mobile phone cameras, any instructor may buy a cheap holder for their phone and record experiments for learners to either repeat or comprehend. Some more daring professors may utilize a go pro or similar camera to film themselves enacting scenarios that will further engage the kids.

For the less daring, you may record a screencast of your desktop screen while doing an action and share it with your learners.

Annotations, images, voice-overs, and videos can all be included. You can also use a green screen or software. That does the same thing to overlap a talking head of you conversing on one edge of the screen for a decent video.

One of the biggest benefits of this form of educational course is that learners can see it at their leisure. If students don’t grasp the experiment during the first lesson, they can always go back and view the video to gain a deeper understanding.

Step 5: Whiteboards on the Online platform

It is quite beneficial to have an online whiteboard that complements your physics course. For students in live online courses, graphs, drawings, and sketches can be materialized quickly.

Multiple online whiteboards can be used to teach various courses.

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Step 6: Animation 

Animations are an excellent tool to practice physics online. There are a plethora of internet tools that make creating animations simple even if you aren’t an artist. You can make your training experience more appealing to young viewers by including some characters.

The instructor can show specific physics principles by using technology solutions to produce animations. You can build them yourself if you can’t locate a ready-made sample online or if the available ones are of poor quality.

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Step 7: Experimental Physics

Physics has numerous applications in our daily lives. Providing learners with the necessary physics examples that they may perform on their own or with the help of a parent can enhance the learning experience. If a parent is also necessary, it encourages parents to participate and take responsibility for their learning.

Making these duties enjoyable for both the parent and the learner while remaining inexpensive is rather simple. The combination of water balloons and gravity is always a good one. To demonstrate basic inertia, a parent takes their child on a drive. And there are plenty of additional examples they can sit and attempt to explain afterward.

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How to teach physics online in 2022


Teaching physics can become a daunting task but with the right zeal and platform, it can become a wonderland. If you follow the above steps thoroughly then it’s safe to say that you can become an excellent online instructor. 

Stay focused and keep in mind your goal.

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